Upfront Costs2021-01-07T13:35:46+00:00

We do not charge any upfront cost, however issuing a Reg CF offering  requires the following expenses with third parties:

  • you will have to fill a Form C to disclose relevant information to the investors. This is required by the SEC, and a third party company such as iDisclose can help you prepare this document ($1500). An attorney from iDisclose can help review and submit your Form C for an additional $1000, or you can use your own attorney.
  • a funding portal is not authorized to handle money, so all Reg CF offerings require an escrow agent. We work with PrimeTrust, LLC. Setting up the escrow account costs around $700 before launching the campaign (depending on the number of associates in the company notably).

The upfront cost you will have to pay to third parties to meet legal requirements is therefore ~$3200.

Additionally, it is recommended to plan your marketing campaign before your crowdfunding campaign begins on the portal, so as to be operational as soon as your offering goes live.


Success Fee2020-10-30T18:35:19+00:00

If your fundraise is successful, Ignite Social Impact will collect a 7% success fee.

Payment Processing Fee2020-10-30T18:40:31+00:00

Payment processing fees will be paid by the issuer to the escrow agent (PrimeTrust, LLC) at the end of a successful raise (per investment):

  • $2 ACH
  • Credit/Debit 4.5%
  • $10 Checks
  • $15 US wire & $35 International wire

Of course, the amount depends on the number of investors and the payment method they each chose, but you can expect a total fee from 1% to 2 % of the raised amount.


There is no fee for investing on Ignite Social Impact.