“Tinder for Startups” (Nature Biotechnology)

The Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) is a global public-private partnership, non-profit focused on creating a virtuous circle of innovation and driving growth breakthroughs through novel, creative paradigms and models. CAI’s mission is to accelerate and increase the volume of technology commercialization to ignite entrepreneurship, bolster the global economy, and maximize the potential of promising inventions. CAI’s award-winning challenge-based accelerator, rigorous evidence-based due diligence, and capital-efficient lean management models serve to hyper-accelerate “gazelle” high-performing startups for outsized investor returns. Named as the “Tinder for Startups” by Nature (, the “Kickstarter for IP” by Wired, and a “Powerful Innovation Toolkit” by the White House, CAI launched 300+ startups and trained 3500+ entrepreneurs in 100+ cities worldwide since 2014.

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Expert knowledge, networking and relationship sciences platform

Relatus, Inc is a San Francisco-based knowledge graph, network management, and relationship sciences company connecting individual’s professional, personal and social networks with their mission and goals. 

You’ve established a valuable network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more; where can you see this network aggregated? What is this network or your secondary or tertiary connections in this network doing? Can they help you: Find you the capital you need for your business? Find your next teammate? Find the expert you need? Answer that burning question?.  

Relatus aggregates and organizes your network in one place; augments your network information to help you understand what your current and ancillary networks are actually doing, creating your relationship database a rich source of information of which you can ask questions. Relatus builds upon aligned interests and mutual relevance with those you know and those you need to know. For example, when raising funds, Relatus’s proprietary dataset of developed capital contacts, investment firms, and funds informs and empowers and amplifies your efforts by connecting you with who you need to know.

Relatus builds upon shared context to develop and create professional relationships with the most relevant persons and companies, both within and beyond your immediate network, while also providing invaluable tools for managing, measuring, and achieving your mission. 

The Relatus platform identifies new contacts, generates introductions and messaging, creates new connections via mutual associations, and facilitates trusted relationships.  

Your network is your net worth. Empower it with Relatus.

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Invest in breakthrough solutions to the world’s biggest global challenges: combine impact investing and charitable giving to maximize your impact, your way.


In 2010, ImpactAssets was spun out of Calvert Impact Capital in recognition of the growing need to increase flows of capital to the world’s greatest challenges.

The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund was created “of, by and for impact investors” to provide a flexible solution for the innovative and creative impact investing that philanthropists were seeking.

To this end, their aim has always been to provide unparalleled access to investment into top entrepreneurs and fund managers best positioned to tackle these challenges.

Since its inception, ImpactAssets have become the leading facilitator of direct impact investing within donor advised funds. Their portfolio represents more than 568 impact investment positions and $1 billion in assets. They connect donors to a rotating offering of private impact funds, as well as a broader asset platform, all fully aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goal framework.


Donor advised philanthropic fund

​Resonance Philanthropies is a donor advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation with the primary funding interests in Children’s Health and Plastic Pollution. The Fund supports the interests of its co-founders, Sheri Sobrato and Eric Brisson.

Resonance Philanthropies founded the Digging Deep Project, which supports the emotional health of adolescents globally, through Shadow’s Edge, the first-ever free mobile game designed to build resilience in teen and young adult patients and those facing adverse life circumstances or difficulties of all kinds.


Accelerator and investment fund.


HealthTech Arkansas (HTA) is an accelerator and early stage investment fund that guarantees at least two pilot projects or clinical trials for each early stage company admitted to the program. These pilots are conducted by the eleven provider organizations in their statewide coalition.

HTA targets three areas of healthcare innovation: digital health (software), medical devices and diagnostic platforms. Their program is for providers and by providers, so they seek technologies that can improve their providers’ operations by improving quality of care, enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs, etc. In fact, HTA’s providers choose the companies invited to participate in the program each year.

The program is virtual, so there’s no requirement to be in Arkansas other than working with provider partners on your pilot projects or clinical trials. In addition to the guaranteed pilots, participating companies receive $75,000 of investment capital through a SAFE or convertible note.


Democratizing access to grants

OpenGrants empowers startups, nonprofits, grant writers, foundations, and government agencies to participate in a new paradigm of funding. The OpenGrants platform is a search engine and expert marketplace that unlocks non-dilutive U.S. funding for organizations around the world. OpenGrants also offers precious expertise and grant writing services to tech companies.


Technology and innovation company


Conservation X Labs use technology, entrepreneurship, and open innovation to source, develop, and scale critical solutions to the underlying drivers of extinction.

Conservation X Labs launch Grand Challenges, which are global competitions that reward cash prizes to the best solutions for specific conservation problems. They focus a community around a wicked conservation problem, influence perception of the problem, legitimize the field solving it, and create or stimulate markets.

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