Why Ignite?2020-11-04T13:44:02+00:00

Why Invest Through Ignite?


We evaluate both the market potential and expected impact of companies that apply to raise funds.

Focus on Tech For Good2020-10-28T20:13:59+00:00

Our deal flow is focused on Tech and Deep Tech addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, and allows you to invest in breakthrough technologies and innovative businesses without requiring a deep technical expertise

Promoting inclusion2020-10-28T20:27:52+00:00

Crowdfunding has the potential to promote gender equality, minority inclusion and remove geographical barriers. Our due diligence framework encourages companies with women and minorities in leadership roles.

Why Raise Funds Through Ignite?

Specialized Crowd2020-08-11T09:32:28+00:00

Our community knows technology and impact, and we cultivate a network of non-profits and private investors


We love to connect the dots and will be happy to put you in touch with our numerous private and public partners, such as non-profit accelerators and research institutes, to help you grow during and after your fundraise